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1.1. The terms of use of the online store (hereinafter – the Terms) stipulate the procedures for use of the online store of LLC “EKJU” www.e-ekju.lv  (hereinafter – e-store).

1.2. The seller is LLC “EKJU”, registration No. 40003051329, legal address: Cecīļu Street 12, Ieriķi, Amata region, Latvia (hereinafter – the Seller).

1.3. For the purpose of these Terms, the Buyer is a legally capacitated natural or legal person, who makes an order at the e-store.

1.4. If the Buyer makes an order, it is considered, that the Buyer has become acquainted with these Terms and accepts them without any objections.

1.5. A Distance Agreement is concluded between the Seller and the Buyer, who makes an order at the e-store (hereinafter – the Agreement). The Agreement comes into effect at the moment, when the Buyer has made an order by using means of distance communication, and has received the Seller's e-mail confirmation of the order. The Agreement is effective until complete fulfilment thereof, i.e., until the payment for the order is made and the product is delivered. The provisions of this paragraph shall apply to all orders and purchases made at the e-store.

1.6. The Seller reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms unilaterally and without prior notice, publishing such amendments on the site: https://www.e-ekju.lv.

1.7. The Terms that were effective at the moment of making an order shall apply to any order made by the Buyer.

1.8. Prices at the e-store are indicated in euro currency, including the value added tax (VAT) 21% and delivery of products in the territory of Latvia.

1.9. The prices indicated at the e-store do not apply to deliveries outside the territory of Latvia. The prices for orders to be delivered outside the territory of Latvia are coordinated individually with each Buyer via e-mail e-ekju@ekju.lv.

1.10. The Seller reserves the right to change the offer of products, prices, and apply discounts to products unilaterally and without prior notice. Products are sold for prices that are in force at the moment of making the order.

1.11. The actual products may differ in terms of colour, size, shape or other parameters from the products given in the images at the e-store. Images have only informative nature.


2.1. Orders at the e-store can be made by registered and non-registered users. If a client creates own user account at the e-store, the client can connect to the e-store through authorization.

2.2. To order products at the e-store, the following steps shall be made:

2.2.1. select a product (or products), adding them to the “Shopping basket”;

2.2.2. after adding all selected products to the “Shopping basket”, press the “Make order” button;

2.2.3. after filling in all required data fields, press “Confirm order”. The order payment shall be made in full amount by non-cash settlement.

2.3. The order payment can be done, using the following types of non-cash settlement:

2.3.1. through online banking – Bank-link service;

2.3.2. with payment card;

2.4. The Seller shall be entitled to refuse selling of products ordered at the e-store, informing the Buyer, if:

2.4.1. the product is not available at the Seller's warehouse, or it is not available in the quantity ordered by the Buyer;

2.4.2. due to technical reasons the product price and/or parameters indicated at the e-store do not correspond to the actual price and/or parameters;

3.4.2. The Buyer has not become acquainted with the Terms of the e-store.

2.5. The order payment shall be made immediately. An order shall be considered as submitted, when a payment is made.

2.6. An order shall be considered as binding on the Buyer and the Seller from the moment, when the Buyer has made an order and received an e-mail confirmation from the Seller. The e-mail message shall be considered as received on the same day, when it is sent.

2.7. The Buyer shall check the information and data indicated in the order. In the case of non-conformity of the information and/or data, the Buyer shall inform the Seller, using the e-mail address of the e-store: e-ekju@ekju.lv.


3.1. When making an order at the e-store, the Buyer can receive the ordered product by a courier.

3.2. Products are delivered to the Buyer's address indicated in the order.

3.3. The term for order preparation is 1-2 working days.

3.4. The order delivery term in Latvia is 5-7 working days after preparation of the order.

3.5. Receipt of the product is possible only if the order is fully paid.

3.6. Prior to receiving the product, the Buyer shall present an identity document, and the order number or order confirmation. Products are issued only to the Buyer, whose data are indicated in the relevant product order. If the Buyer cannot present the order number or order confirmation, or an identity document, the supplier is entitled not to issue the products.

3.7. Transfer of the product to the Buyer takes place in accordance with the invoice, which is signed by the Buyer and the Seller's representative. An order is considered as executed at the moment of transfer of the product.


To cancel an order or make changes to already made order, the Buyer shall contact LLC “EKJU”, using the e-mail address – e-ekju@ekju.lv, not later than 1 working day after making an order.


5.1. According to the Consumer Rights Protection Law and the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 207 “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts” of 28 May 2002, the Buyer is entitled to use the right of withdrawal and withdraw from the Agreement unilaterally within 14 (fourteen) days, returning the acquired product to the Seller. The term of using the right of withdrawal is counted from the day, when the Buyer or a third person, which is not the carrier and is indicated by the Buyer, has received the product into its possession.

5.2. The Buyer shall inform the Seller about the decision to withdraw from the Agreement prior to the end of the withdrawal term, sending a message to the e-mail address: e-ekju@ekju.lv and indicating the following information:

5.2.1. clear and unambiguous statement, that the Buyer wants to withdraw from the agreement;

5.2.2. date of order execution;

5.2.3. date, when the product was received into possession;

5.2.4. Buyer's name and surname;

5.2.5. precise name of the product.

5.3. The Buyer shall return the product to the Seller without undue delay, but not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date, when the Seller was informed about using of the withdrawal right.

5.4. The Seller shall repay to the Buyer the amount paid for the product without undue delay, but not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receiving the notice of the Buyer concerning the decision to withdraw from the agreement. The Seller shall repay the said amount of money by using the same type of non-cash payment, which was used by the Buyer, except the cases, when the Buyer and the Seller have agreed otherwise.

5.5. The Seller is entitled to withhold repayment of the amount paid by the Buyer until the moment, when the Seller has received the product or the Buyer has submitted to the Seller a confirmation, that the product is sent back.

5.6. The Buyer's direct costs, related to returning of the product, including transportation costs, shall be covered by the Buyer.

5.7. Within the term of exercising the withdrawal right, the Buyer is entitled to use the product as far as it is necessary to verify the product nature, characteristics and functioning (to the same extent, as it could be done before purchase of the product at the trading venue). The products shall be undamaged, have their initial appearance and be without signs of wear. If the product is not in full assembly or its original packaging, or the product packaging is significantly damaged (except the case, when it is impossible to open the packaging without damaging it), or the product is damaged, the Seller may not accept the product.

5.8. The Buyer shall return the product in its original packaging and in the same assembly as it was when received, together with the product accompanying documents – instructions for use and other documents related to the product.


6.1. According to regulatory enactments of the European Union, manufacturer's warranty for a period of 2 (two) years from the moment of product purchase is provided for products offered at the e-store.

6.2. The manufacturer's warranty is effective, when presenting:

6.2.1. original of purchase certifying document. The payment order and bank printout concerning execution of the payment shall not be considered as purchase certifying documents;

6.4. Any costs, related to transportation of the product, shall be covered by the Buyer.

6.5. The manufacturer's warranty is not effective, if damage of the product is caused due to the Buyer's fault, inappropriate use of the product, low quality assembly, as well as natural wear and technological peculiarities of manufacturing:

Deviation of thickness and dimensions of parts in the range from 5-8%.

Any damage that has occurred as a result of incorrect assembly of furniture, if the product is not used for its intended purpose and is not used as indicated in the instructions for use of the product.

Mechanical damage, maintenance of the product using inappropriate agents, or any other signs, which indicate to improper use of the product.

Products or parts, which the client has processed or modified in any manner.

Damage, which has occurred during transportation and relocation of furniture by the Buyer.

In the case of changes in the colour tone and wooden structure occurred over time, or natural wear of elements.

Wear of fittings.

Small branches fallen out, which does not affect the product strength.

Bending and twisting of wooden parts, if it does not affect the product stability.

Any other damage not directly linked to the quality of manufacturing processes.

Fittings provided in the product packaging may differ from those indicated in the assembly instruction (if assembly is necessary).  This does not affect the product strength.


7.1. EKJU products are intended for outdoor use only.

7.2. EKJU products can be treated with high-pressure impregnation technology, which increases strength of wood material and resistance to humidity, decay fungus and pests.

7.3. Treatment residues are permissible on the product at the beginning, which may cause staining. After some time staining will disappear.

7.4. Treatment is recommended for non-treated furniture to ensure that wood preserves its qualities, strength, as well as visual attractiveness for a longer period of time. Receive a consultation at the nearest trading venue, where specialists will advise the most appropriate wood treatment agent.

7.5. Impregnated or non-treated wood becomes light green or brown after treatment, and gets a silver grey tone after some time.


8.1. After opening the packaging, verify, whether it contains all necessary components. Such verification shall be done within 14 days after purchase or delivery of the product. Warranty claims apply only to replacement of damaged parts.

8.2. Perform assembly according to the assembly instruction attached to the product.

8.3. Initially, tighten bolts lightly. Tighten bolts stronger only at the end.

8.4. Check the furniture fittings at least once a year – tighten bolts, if necessary.

8.5. Product assembly shall be done on a levelled surface and following the assembly instruction (if assembly is necessary).


9.1. Disregarding the manufacturer's warranties described in paragraph 6, the Buyer is entitled to submit a claim to the Seller concerning non-conformity of the product to the agreement conditions within 2 (two) years from the day of purchase of the product. The Buyer shall submit a claim application to the Seller within 2 (two) months from the date of detecting non-conformity of the product to the agreement conditions. The product purchase day is considered the date, when the Seller has delivered and the Buyer has accepted the respective product. (Section 27 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law)

9.2. The procedures for submission and examination of a claim concerning a product not corresponding to the agreement provisions can be observed in chapters VI1-VII of the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

9.3. A consumer, to whom a product not corresponding to the Agreement provisions is sold, is entitled to require performance of one of the following actions by the Seller:

9.3.1. rectification of the non-conformity of the product with the provisions of the Agreement;

9.3.2. exchange of the product for such a product, by which conformity with the provisions of the Agreement would be ensured;

9.3.3. appropriate reduction of the price of the product;

9.3.4. revocation of the Agreement and repayment to the consumer of the amount paid for the product.

9.4. Firstly, the consumer is entitled to request that the Seller rectifies the
non-conformity of the product with the provisions of the Agreement free of charge or exchanges the product for such a product, by which conformity with the provisions of the Agreement is ensured free of charge, except the case where it is not possible or is disproportionate. (Section 28 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law)

9.5. The Seller shall not assume responsibility for defects of the product, which have occurred as a result of wear, intentional damage, negligence, failure to follow the instructions for use, improper use, modifications or repairs of the product, if the Buyer performs such repairs itself without the Seller's consent, and in other cases mentioned in paragraph 6.5. of these Terms.


The personal data provided by Buyers are processed, observing the requirements determined in the Personal Data Protection Law and other laws of the Republic of Latvia, which regulate processing and protection of personal data. While processing and storing personal data of Buyers, the Seller uses organisational and technical means, which ensure protection of personal data from unintentional or illegal disclosure or exchange of personal data, or any other illegal processing of such data.


11.1. The property of the Seller and its cooperation partners is protected according to the procedures determined in regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.

11.2. Full or partial publishing, reproduction, transfer or storage, modification or supplementing of e-store contents (including, but not limited to: published materials, logotypes, images, graphic images etc.) for commercial purposes is prohibited, unless the holder of copyright or intellectual ownership has given its consent for such activities. The prohibition does not apply to downloading and storage of e-store contents on a computer, tablet or smartphone and printing solely for personal (non-commercial) use.

11.3. It is allowed to refer to the e-store contents in accordance with the effective laws stipulating copyright. If the e-store contents are referred to, the source shall be indicated; however, it is prohibited to reproduce, publish or distribute the trademarks or logotypes posted at the e-store without prior written consent of the owner of these trademarks or logotypes.

11.4. In the case of violation of e-store copyright, the Buyer can be held liable pursuant to the procedures specified in regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.


12.1. The Seller does not assume any responsibility for costs or loss, which may occur as a result of using the information indicated at the e-store, or because the website or e-store is not available due to any reasons, or operation of the e-store has been interrupted or terminated.

12.2. The Seller does not assume any risks or responsibility, if the Buyer has not become acquainted or has only partially become acquainted with these Terms.

12.3. The Seller is not responsible for non-conformity of the colour, size, shape or any other parameters of the products in the e-store system and images with the actual characteristics of products.

12.4. The Buyer assumes all risks and responsibility for orders made at the e-store, including for receipt (acceptance) of the product.

12.5. The Seller is not responsible for delay in fulfilment of obligations or non-fulfilment thereof, or any other non-fulfilment under these Terms, if such failure to fulfil obligations is caused by conditions and obstacles, which are outside the reasonable control of the Seller, including, but not limited to strikes, government orders, warfare or national scale emergency conditions, environmental or climate abnormalities, non-fulfilment of obligations by third parties, interruptions of internet connection, as well as technical problems with communication devices, computers and software.


13.1. Information exchange between the Buyer and the Seller is implemented by using the Buyer's e-mail address, mailing address or phone number. The Buyer can use the means of communication, which are listed on the website: www.e-ekju.lv/kontakti.

13.2. The operation of the website and e-stores, and these Terms are regulated by laws of the Republic of Latvia. The relations arising from transactions with the Buyers, when the Buyer is a natural person in the meaning of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, are regulated by the Consumers Rights Protection Law and other regulatory enactments on protection of consumer rights.

13.3. Any disagreements shall be resolved as soon as possible through mutual negotiations. If mutual agreement is not achieved, the dispute shall be transferred for adjudication in the court pursuant to the procedures stipulated in regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.


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