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Most of EKJU outdoor furniture is pre-treated with high pressure impregnation to withstand outdoor use, protect from insect damage and to extend the time before you need to re-apply. With a simple application, the furniture retains its good condition.

Try to keep the furniture clean and dry. Tilt your furniture so that any water can drain away. It is natural for product to change colour (usually grey), to have small cracks and dry surface finishes.

Keep metal parts of your product well oiled. Oil them at least once a year or when necessary.
During assembly, tighten all screws, bolts and nuts that may be loose. Tighten them up securely only at the end of assembly, after all parts have been assembled together.

If possible, store your outdoor furniture in a cool and dry place indoors. When stored outside, tilt the furniture to avoid horizontal surfaces and preferably use water-repellent covers. Make sure air can circulate to avoid moisture and mould.

Discoloration from impregnation salt or sometimes mould can accrue on the product. Wipe clean with a mild soapy solution. Wipe dry with a clean and dry cloth.

To maintain the stability of the furniture, all screws and fittings should be re-tightened at regular intervals.

Always assemble your product on flat, even surface.

Fittings and other metal parts with the product can differ from fittings indicated on this assembly instruction. This would not influence structure or strength of the product.

Products impregnated brown can smear. This will disappear after a short time.

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